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Audiometer HEKTO

Audiometro HEKTO

  • HEKTO is HORENTEK®’s Audiometer, has 2 Channels and is PC-Based.
  • HEKTO comes out in 3 models with different features: Screening, Diagnostic or Tinnitus.
  • PTA Air Conduction, Bone Conduction, Free Field, Automatic Hughson Westlake Test.
  • Speech audiometry (headset and loudspeakers), SISI, ABLB, Tone decay test, Bekesy, High Frequency Audiometry e Tinnitus Assessment.
  • Light, portable and heavy duty design.
  • Includes Patient Management SW.


HEKTO is the Audiometer by HORENTEK®, HEKTO has 2 channels and it is PC Based, thought for best evaluation of hearing acuity. Light, portable but with a heavy-duty design, HEKTO has a user-friendly software interface powered by Arka.
HORENTEK®’s Audiometer comes out in three models with different features: Screening, Diagnostic or Tinnitus.
HEKTO Screening features: Air conduction Pure Tone Audiometry, Free Field and Automatic Hughson Westlake Test.
HEKTO Diagnostic features: Bone conduction PTA, Speech Audiometry, with internal memory for speech material, Custom and Children Words Lists.
HEKTO Tinnitus is the clinical model featuring: ABLB test, SISI test, Tone Decay test, Bekesy Audiometry, High Frequency Audiometry, Tinnitus Assessment.
The Tinnitus Assessment is a diagnostic protocol that, in few steps, finds the characteristics of the discomfort perceived by patient in terms of frequency and loudness of sounds and to define the best masking dynamics of the custom treatment.


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