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Horentek Counseling

HORENTEK COUNSELING – the most appropriate solution for the patient’s lifestyle

Horentek has developed an orientation programme for their customers which is operative in both Horentek Acoustic Centres of direct distribution and their affiliates.

  • The Programme defines the service and research standards for the most appropriate auditory solution according to the patient/customer’s lifestyle
  • The customer orientation Programme expresses the service philosophy and represents the platform of professional services provided by the Hearing Aid Technician
  • Horentek Orientation Programme consists of the following phases:
Admission Interview Hearing examination with Audix equipment Solution Follow Up
Data receipt and collection Evaluation of customer’s lifestyle Hearing ability analysis Proposal divided into five service classes Call Centre
Coffee and magazines Customer’s psychology Determination of patient’s residual dynamic range Basic Economy Standard Classic Premium Prescheduled periodic check-ups
Entertaining videos with information about auditory deficits and related solutions Evaluation of expectations Minimum hearing threshold and auditory fatigue Verification of objectives Psychometric tests
Questionnaire Vocal curve and psychometric tests

The professional services can be summarized as follows:


First Phases

  • Interview with Hearing Aid Technician
  • Medical assessment
  • Otoscopy
  • Auditory sensitivity assessment
  • Auditory dynamic range assessment
  • Noise acceptability assessment


Second Phases

  • Selection
  • Acoustic coupling definition
  • Impression taking
  • Choice of device


Third Phases

  • Customization
  • Target criteria definition
  • First Fitting hypothesis
  • Fine tuning
  • Instructions of use


Fourth phases

  • Follow Up
  • Evaluation of acclimatisation period
  • Verification of the device general parameters:
  • Verification of noise acceptability
  • Verification of discrimination
  • Global appreciation assessment

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