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Otoacoustic Emission and AABR EMIXI

Otoacoustic Emission and AABR EMIXI

  • Portable and ergonomic device.
  • Tests available: DPOAE and TEOAE, with Screening and Diagnostic protocols.
  • Optional Automatic ABR module.
  • Easy transfer from EMIXI to a Personal Computer with USB cable.
  • Arka Sotware Platform for friendly managing of exams and results.


EMIXI is an Otoacoustic Emissions detector, an intuitive HORENTEK®’s device. EMIXI records the sounds into ear canal, thanks to a very sensible microphone; those sounds are the result of the energy generated in the cochlea.

EMIXI is portable, ergonomically designed and reliable, moreover the instrument is easy to use and can perform fast screening tests too. A quick evaluation of the tests’ result is permitted by the intuitive keypad, clear and bright color display, memory storage of 280 tests. Several default test protocols come out with EMIXI, such as TEOAE and DPOAE specific screening (Pass or Refer) or clinical; therefore, specialists can create and customize their own protocols via Arka software platform (iLink).

Furthermore, EMIXI can be equipped with AABR optional module for a complete screening solution. Automatic Auditory Brainstem Response is measured thanks to surface electrodes and to a modern noise excluding pre-amplifier, the evoked potential is generated by click using insert or headphones.

EMIXI AABR module is precise and reliable because there is an automatic control for artifacts and electrodes impedance.


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