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Horentek Academy

Horentek Academy – improving the performance

Horentek Academy is an open workshop, in which we design and develop thematic training programmes. Our activities of research and design are open to all those who are interested in both technical and commercial training.  

Horentek Academy is, in fact, an open Forum for any individual and corporate contribution, constantly oriented towards the market and its changes. The company management requires a continuous skill update, as well as communication and professional advice should be subject to periodic analyses. The training offered by Horentek responds to the needs of companies and professionals, explores the functioning of different businesses by comparing them with the complexity of the globalised market.

Areas of the training program:

  • An innovative company: defying the crisis.
  • Business Management and business development.
  • How to improve sales performance.
  • Communication and psychology of the elderly.
  • Counselling: customising the fitting with new Audix technology.
  • Horentek’s Workshop: the art of repairing products and producing earphones.
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