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Values of Horentek

Values and social responsibility

HORENTEK®’s commitment in spreading audiological knowledge and hearing prevention is the core of its company mission. Transparency, credibility and passion are the values ​​on which Horentek has built up its business.
There are about 460 million people suffering from hearing disorders in the world. Many of them live in the poorest and most deprived areas of the planet. Projections show that this number is set to grow to reach 800 million deaf in 2050. Horentek and its staff take part in voluntary actions, in supporting and training audio-prosthesists who travel to those areas of the world to make available their expertise.
Horentek engages in accomplishing a social commitment: the preservation of hearing as a right to be extended to all populations. For this reason, Horentek focuses on the most vulnerable society sections that are forced to give up medical treatments because they cannot afford it.

Marketing of services

HORENTEK ®, thanks to a strong specialization in the hearing instrument, makes available to its customers a service platform completely original and innovative, connected all’dea, fundamental, the personalization of the service. The proposed Horentek differs from the others because it is not generic, but is set up after a careful analysis of the business carried out together with the customer. The strength of Horentek is the proximity to the customer in this area too.
The Format of services Horentek is the result of the strategic vision required to interpret the complexity of the current market and the concreteness necessary to ensure, to companies and hearing care professionals, an effective and modern operational framework, strongly oriented to the achievement of professional goals.



Customised product brand.


Customised packaging.

Remote Fitting

Remote Assistance System and Remote Fitting in videoconference.


Horentek Counselling: Services and communication protocols.


Marketing & Customised Marketing & Communication.


The development design of HORENTEK® can also be employed in the Retail sector both in Italy and abroad. Horentek believes the time has come to open a new phase in the area of distribution by creating a network of Hearing Centres of Excellence. Horentek’s choice responds to the idea of setting a protocol of services for the patient/client relying exclusively on high competence and values such as transparency and ethics.
Horentek faces the future with the ambition to carry out a real revolution in the Retail sector.
Our goal is to establish a working system based on a verifiable and transparent audioprosthetic therapy, demonstrating openness to welcome further adjustments, employing advanced technological systems that allow us accurately evaluating the hearing ability of the patient/client in order to select the most appropriate hearing aid. Our collaboration with universities, research centres, medical specialists, general practitioners and the customers themselves is obviously necessary to determine Horentek’s success.
The Network that Horentek wants to develop is undoubtedly an opportunity both for young people who wish to work in the field of health professions in a company that strongly relates the reasons for success to professional competence and for seniors who have always trusted this type of business.

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