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Middle ear analyzer ESPIRIO

Middle ear analyzer ESPIRIO

  •  Tympanometry, ETF Test Intact and Perforated Ear Drum.
  • Ipsi and Contra Acoustic Reex Testing and Reex Decay.
  • Easy Handlyng and User-Friendly Interface.
  • Includes Patient Management Software.
  • Light, Portable and Heavy Duty Design.


ESPIRIO is a revolutionary PC based clinical Middle Ear Analyzer, designed for accurate diagnostic and screening evaluations of the middle ear impairments.

ESPIRIO features a high performance, precise, automatic pump system of new concept and design, maintenance free for a very fast and reliable test, with high resolution of the tympanograms peaks.

Advanced, Light, Portable and Reliable, ESPIRIO features Standard Tympanometry, Manual Tympanometry, Automatic Ipsilateral and Contralateral Acoustic Reex Threshold, Manual Acoustic Reex, Acoustic Reex Decay and Eustachian Tube Function tests with intact and perforated ear drum.

USB to PC data transfer, it can be connected to a connected PC printer.



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