Questions and answers

Is HORENTEK an independent Italian brand?

Yes, Horentek is an independent Italian company not holded by any multinational company

Why was HORENTEK founded?

Horentek was founded thanks to the will of the founding members, driven by the desire to develop audiological culture globally.

How can I become a partner of HORENTEK?

HORENTEK is always open to new commercial collaborations, both at the distribution level and at the development and project level.

Where are HORENTEK devices manufactured?

All HORENTEK devices are produced in the company’s headquarters, located in Via Aurelio Nicolodi, 43 int. 5 in Livorno (ITALY)

What kind of devices does HORENTEK produce?

Horentek’s product range is wide, and includes in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids, audiometers, middle ear analyzers and other diagnostic instruments for audiology such as Otoacoustic Emissions and the patented devices FEEL and LEONARDO.

Why should I choose Horentek?

You should choose Horentek because all our products are entirely made in Italy, and because the management is firmly convinced that not relocating production is the best way to develop the company, thanks to the continuous research for the quality of the professionalism of its collaborators, as well as the desire to relocate on the Italian territory the benefits of our growth is a choice that HORENTEK has had on since its foundation.

Where can I find HORENTEK brand products?

Feel free to ask our sales managers, whose contact details you can find in the contacts, they will be able to direct potential buyers towards the best path for purchasing devices.

How is the future for HORENTEK?

In the future of Horentek there are innovation and development of technologies aimed at improving the lives of hearing impaired patients and others, in fact Horentek intends to develop instruments capable of helping audiological diagnosis specialists.